Who is “The World Up Closer”?

Hi everyone! My name is Shea Powell and I am from Jamaica, though most of my time is spent aboard exploring. The World Up Closer is my little space on the internet where I get to share my travel stories and knowledge. I want to inspire wonders and dreamers to go beyond and explore more. My journey here is to highlight travel tips and stories to better prepare you for your next upcoming destinations.

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How Can I afford to travel so much? 

Blogging is now my full-time job as I get the opportunity to work with brands to create travel content and travel stories. I am never without a camera and a laptop while I spend my time living the best moments.

What kind of a camera are you using? 

Currently, I am using the Canon Rebel T5.

Do you always travel solo?

Yes, for the most part. I sometimes meet up with friends along the way or other times I will invite a family member to come along for the ride. It is not very often I have company though.

Who takes your photos?

I travel with a tripod 80% of the time. Also, I sometimes ask strangers to take photos of me in areas where it is too busy and hectic for a tripod.

Which country is your favourite?

This question for me is probably one of the hardest to answer. Every country is different, so it is a little bit difficult  (a whole lot difficult) to pick a favourite. It is always changing!  Currently, I cannot get over the charm of Cuba, and the uniqueness of Iceland. Then again, I am also in love with the Pagatonia region shared between Argentina and Chile.

Do you have meetups?

Yes, I love meeting up with readers and supporters of my online platforms. I have had meetups in Mexico, Jamaica, New York City, Brazil…

What are some countries that you would really like to visit?

I intend to see as much as I can.  However, I am currently dreaming about Namibia, Vietnam, Kenya, Saint Lucia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bhutan… But the list goes on and on…

How is it travelling with a Jamaican passport? 

It is neither the best nor the worst. I wrote an article about what it is like travelling the world with a Jamaican passport. 

How many countries have you visited so far? 

Argentina, Antigua& Barbuda, Belize, Boliva, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Curaçao, Cuba, Dominica Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Iceland, India, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, United States of America.

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