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Spa Weekend In Negril

It is no secret that whenever we think about Negril, we think of miles of sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Whilst Negril is known for its quick beach getaway, a perfect location for snorkeling and scuba-diving — just over a week ago during my last visit…

June 20, 2018

5 Surprising Things You Can Do in Jamaica

When we think of Jamaica, we can almost tell in a few minutes what the country is known for. No doubt, on a yearly basis, travellers visit the Caribbean island for its beaches, tropical weather, reggae music and food. Though, every time I set foot…

November 18, 2017
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How To Get To Cuba

There are many things I look forward to in the mornings; a nice cup of coffee, catching up on blog-related questions and munching on skittles… Yes skittles, I’m a huge fan even at 8 in the mornings. I’ve notice that after my visit to…

November 18, 2015
Caribbean Cuba

Cuba Untouched

I smile every time I think about its warmth, its authenticity, and the island’s soothing tranquility. Here is how I found, Cuba Untouched. From the very moment I dropped my bags off, stepped outside… I was greeted by tall, old buildings hovering over me; I knew this would…

July 2, 2015
The World Up Closer

The World Up Closer