20 Best Visa-Free Countries To Visit On A Jamaican Passport in 2020

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It is that time of the year again—where to travel to and how to get there on your Jamaican passport. The Jamaican passport is getting better and better each year and if there is every a time I feel inspired to share— the time is now. Just like the last 3 years, here am I with the 10 Best visa-free... welp, let's scratch that! Here am I with the[...]

4 Things To Remember When Travelling Long Term

At one time or another, we all let our minds wander to the prospect of leaving our mundane existence behind to set off on a travel adventure. For 30% of workers, in fact, the urge is so strong that they’d be willing to take a pay cut in exchange for more travel opportunities. From the outside looking in, it would appear to be a one-way ticket to happiness,[...]

Sleeping On A HouseBoat: Kerala Backwaters, South India

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For a whole of 17 days, I spent life roaming around Kerala, India. Taking in all the must-see things, the must-do things, eating like a local and all-in-all having the experience of a lifetime. Having just visited the country for the very first time, you would realized that cruising on the sleepy backwaters of the south on one of the houseboats is highly[...]

Visa-Free “First World” Countries On A Caribbean Passport

I had just been on sort of a whirlwind tour around Asia stopping over in first Abu Dhabi, then moving on to India, Singapore, Japan and then South Korea. Each time I visit somewhere new or each time I go on a series of trips, I always find it to be such a pleasure to come back here and add some value. Sorting and seeking out ways to best travel on a Carib[...]

Japan For Every First Time Visitor: Everything You Need To Know

With Japan always being high on the list, I am happy to have had the chance to explore the country on a whirlwind and sharing the highlights. Within a short time span, I immersed myself in just about everything: the food, the temples and to add a few of the unusual—sleeping inside a capsule and having firsthand experiences with the singing toilets. In o[...]
Best Places To Eat in Anchorage, Alaska

7 Best Eats In Downtown Anchorage, Alaska

Before arriving in Alaska, I had my heart set on trying out some of what was best known to the city and to the state.  From their well-known King crab legs to their locally brewed beer; they were on the top of my list with just a week try out as many things as I possibly could. Here are the best eats to have in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. Glacier Br[...]

Experiencing Dublin On A Budget (Historical & Cultural Visits)

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If you are currently reading this, chances are you are looking to go somewhere, someplace soon. Whilst I am always up to go just about anywhere across the globe to have that "once in life experience", I also recognize that it can be expensive. I have previously written about traveling to Iceland on a budget  and in this post, we look at another pictures[...]
what to do when visiting alaska in winter

10 Must-Do Things When Visiting Alaska In Winter

Alaska In Winter Alaska is out of this world. From the very get-go, after spending my first 15- minutes on ground, I knew this would be one of my favourite states even having visited in the heart of February along with being a gal from the islands. Located northwest of Canada, Alaska is the largest and the least populated U.S. state for its size. Known[...]

10 Best Countries To Visit On A Jamaican Passport in 2019

Let me first make mention of it. This is my third version of "Best Countries to Visit on A Jamaican Passport" and I am so excited to share. It is almost becoming a yearly tradition where I dish out the details improved and updated. Every time around this time of year, I become somewhat dormant, somewhat quiet on social media as I prepare some of my most rea[...]

Checking In: Ocean Club Resorts, Turks & Caicos

I can't help but think that the moment I first walked in everything screamed family and longer-term vacations. For 3 nights, I spent my time roaming around from room to room, enjoying the sunset from my porch and somehow enjoying a fresh cup of coffee from the comfort of my kitchen. I checked into a suite! If you ask me, this is the perfect vacatio[...]